Ampro Door Handles - the handiwork of AMPF, is the first in line of a range of off-the-shelf interior decor and furniture products, designed and established through nearly a decade of experience honed in the Stainless Steel Interior Decoration segment. Our products adorn high end hotels, office buildings and retail outlets across the Middle East today. Ampro Door Handles present a Cost Competitive, Value for Money offering to lend a touch of class and premium aesthetic feel to most doors, windows and cabinet applications.

Ampro product range caters to meet most of the standard door handle requirements.

Product highlights are

  • Sleek & Ergonomic designs
  • Sturdy and long lasting
  • Textures and finishes to suit specific applications
  • Customizable products

Available in a wide range of colors options, accents, styles, fit and finish, enter a new world with Ampro door handles.

You can view and download Ampro Door Handles catalogue here    CATALOGUE - AMPRO DOOR HANDLES
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